by Dirty Bootz

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If one ear needs to be dropped it's on this Favorite track: Bogeyman's grin.
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released May 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Dirty Bootz Montpellier, France

Pour les amoureux des grands espaces , pour les vieux cow-boys ayant survécu au grunge et au punk californien, Dirty bootz pousse un hurlement sans âge, entre rage et mélancolie, capable de vous transporter dans un monde imaginaire où les chercheurs d'or s'enivrent sous la lune, où les poètes déchus attendent le dernier train, où les hors-la-loi s'affrontent autour d'un feu de camp. ... more

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Track Name: Counting stones by the graveyard
They're counting stones by the graveyard
Seems that they got more souls than earth.
It's gonna take time to bury your own heart
And the old man waits for the tide to wash the dirt.

Save your bullets
Says the gunslinger
Let them come
But be prepared for the duel
For they all want the world for a drill
Just like us.

Sitting by the fire, we're a sharing a bottle.
We're aware one of us is destined to the scaffold
But scoundrels die hard and there's money to be made
He who lives by the spade is expected to die by the spade.
Track Name: Thanks for nothing but
Thanks for the lies
Thanks for the bad things
Thanks for all the pain
And the mistakes I've done.

I didn't know myself
Before going that far
The best parts of my life are the worst.

Now I know
All I remember is the worst
Which I cherish with a gentle smile now.

Don't you cry
And don't get angry
In your latest sigh
You burnish your story.

I shattered my soul and
I got so close to fallin'
Memory now turns in-
-to bright thoughts.

bridge :
I may be wrong when
I say that
But the worst things I've done
Are the best in my eyes now.
Track Name: Inter-sex-ion
I'm crucified on a crossroad
and my divided thoughs
won't come back from windings
comin' and goin' to nothin'

eyes give feelings away
but no tears escape from yours
who shine like death
and toll the bells to envius looks

You give me wings before you burn them when you're sated
an carry on to slide your song in my weak ears

Nevermind if i'm ready to die
so let your nature
swallow me chew me digest me
and see what wonderfull shit we've made..
Track Name: Imaginary eyes
You see imaginary things in my eyes
And continue to instil your spleen
There is a billion ways to live
So stop focusing on yours.

Lips closed keep their opened eyes.
Don't be scared to bow
You'll always stay the same
Even if you let go.

Accept yourself, accept your own flaws,
They don't debase you or your smile.
You're not a judge.
You're just a good guy.
You're not the judge.
Better let it die.

Lips closed keep their opened eyes.
Don't be scared to bow
You'll always stay the same
Even if you let go.

Life teaches us different kinds
Of many different ways to be.
I'm glad you're not a god
Stick to your crossing-out, please.

Take a look around
The world keeps spinning and
All the clones are clowns
And guess who's winning...
Take a look around
The Earth keeps turning and
All the bones are bound
To end up burning
Track Name: Bogeyman's grin
Here all by myself, wait'n for the moon to rise,
Gators all around, look like a bunch of flies,

Load your gun, dad said, and don't miss this time
If you wish him dead, prearrange your crime.

Refrain :
A knife,
A polished grin,
When they see me come
I don't look mean.

I see the target
A bogeyman
Or so he thinks for it's who I am
Ain't hard to get
Ain't hard to kill
For I'm the bogeyman and I go for a chill.

Finger on the trigger, blood about to spill,
Cat's eyes pierce the night, I'm just lying still.

Grab him by the neck, he's down in the plants
My blade starts to dig and he wets his pants.

pont :
Yeah I'm talkin' to you .
You will only take your
memories down
into your grave