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Broken Toy

by Dirty Bootz

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"To be honest, I am not here. The words you speak I cannot hear. Your lips are ghosts in black and white, Like an old film brings out delight And lies / and waves Good byes to all Them slaves. This is a joke you love to tell Nobody laughs but you don't care It's about power, oh boy you swell, We need some dreams for you to spare No lies / just waves. But ties us all And saves All your clouds for you to sell And your / pockets down they have a smell Dead clouds / in your pockets might sell well But hear / There is sunshine down in mine. I have my way I am away. Please don't see me. Please don't hear me. I'm not here."
Bogeyman's grin. Here all by myself, wait'n for the moon to rise, Gators all around, look like a bunch of flies, Load your gun, dad said, and don't miss this time If you wish him dead, prearrange your crime. A knife, A polished grin, When they see me come I don't look mean. I see the target A bogeyman Or so he thinks for it's who I am Ain't hard to get Ain't hard to kill For I'm the bogeyman and I go for a chill. Finger on the trigger, blood about to spill, Cat's eyes pierce the night, I'm just lying still. Grab him by the neck, he's down in the plants My blade starts to dig and he wets his pants. Yeah I'm talkin' to you . You will only take your memories down into your grave
Welcome to the sun Here on the sand hearing my soul feeling so small losing control today I awake in a hole and people live Up above Here on the sand Listening to the voice Saying to me to Follow her call She says : « you know How to fly How to reach The way to the sun » Let's build a wall to jump to somewhere else Give me a leg up, we are going to space Don't worry my friend, we don't need to keep the pain, Leave 'em time to those who like counting No matter if you are lower than the sand The pretty voice shows you the way to the land A place where light doesn't burn at all welcome into your home , welcome into the sun If I die, don't forget you're welcome into the sun Open your soul, my son, and let's get through the night No matter if you are lower than the sand the pretty voice is yours and I am inside the sun welcome into your home, welcome into the sun.
Broken Toy 04:04
Never say good-bye There's some gifts we never wipe out. Life suddenly feels so bright. Blood in his veins makes a start A rush into my heart. Since this day I only try to find a place and keep a tie. Nothing is more vital than your eyes Shining with the most brilliant light. But who knows. I will see you outside when You know There is no cage that can hide Our soul, 'Cause we never said goodbye. I am proud You don't need any disguise. Don't worry, my child, My twin, my only try, I will keep an eye. I'm waiting for you. When the wind takes you, I will come through.
End is a start Day by day I build a wall of sound (silence) Don't know what's the side where I can Hide my soul and ,well, walk on your line. Expecting our end. It brings me down, to cross your eyes. All the days I have left in this minefield She gives you a crown and a cloud of flies That whispers to you that you're the one to feel. It seems unfair to call a friend A traitor without talking to him Listen to her, go on, pretend. On your angry chair let her fan the flames. Who's the meanest ? Hey, don't think twice ! Hey, I'm all right ! 'Need to turn around And walk away ! I need to turn around and walk away, walk away
When she comes Sometimes I feel these strings up above my head. I'm blind but she whispers to me there is a thread. Sometimes I fear she never wakes again. I climb and I glimpse, days become my friends. I want to spin out this feeling when she comes. I want to spin out this spleen when she comes.
Washing-Machine Speechless, empty eyes Waiting for a break now. I'm not sure but it seems that I drowned. I'm turning crazy, does any end allow ? Washing-machine, squeeze me, and give me another ride. Day and night I'm losing sight, Crawling like a worm. Bulging eyes, Day and night I hear outcry, Waitin' on the end of the storm, Eating up my mind.
Burnt My Home No soul in this letter I just received from the City Hall They want me out of my own gutter, The sweet old place where I learnt to crawl Where I was born Born. Some say (it)'s a hole A hole. They call it muddy water, Shit shack and devil's throne They say I would be better off in a coffin under a gravestone They want my home My home They need me gone Me gone. Got Gas And Grand Pa's lighter Flames Pass The night gets brighter. I wanna burn my home In this old lonesome town So they don't take my home Though they want me dead and gone And I wanna burn my home And I say damn their loan Damn their banks, I'm a slave And there's nothing left to save But ourselves But ourselves Say you're sorry and save yourselves. I burnt my home Can't remember My life is ashes – lord ! And there's blood 'n laughter And I will do it again And I will burn all of you, lads For what you took from me was priceless And I did burn my home burnt my home The house is down, no more shelter, I burnt my place and it smells like hell. But don't frown, I feel better Next life I live I know you shouldn't dwell Burn your home Your home And roam Roam.


released January 31, 2020

Music and Lyrics : G.Aznar / Mill / S.Devauchelle
Rec & mix: J.C Gorceix
Mix : Yoan Jauneaud
Master : upload-studio
live recording @ La grange (Bouillon cube)


all rights reserved



Dirty Bootz Montpellier, France

Way aside the usual circuit of the small urban rock bands, far from the cities and their pointless hustle and bustle, Dirty Bootz sure makes a difference with its quiet radicalness and its attachment to a bunch of rock'n'roll traditions we all thought were gone : buckets of sweat, a honest smile and a goddamned soul. ... more

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